How Much Does Rent Application Cost?

It's completely free for brokers, landlords, and property managers.

Our service is absolutely free for landlords, property managers, and brokers.

Access to our database of landlord applications is also 100% free.

You (the landlord, property manager, or broker) determine the cost of the applications for your applicants. Applicants pay and application fee, that you set the price of, which includes the cost of screening reports such as criminal background reports, eviction report, and credit report. If you don't require any screening reports, our applications are totally free for everyone.

We offer our users the ability to run the following background checks:

  • Credit Report: Full credit report including FICO credit score.
  • Criminal/Background Check: Nationwide criminal background check including OFAC Terrorist Watch List and sex offender search.
  • Eviction History: Suits, judgments, and liens, including any reported eviction proceedings.
  • Landlord Inquiry: Contact either the current or previous landlord/property manager via phone and/or email to confirm tenancy and payments.
  • Employment Check: Confimation that the applicant works at the stated place of employment.

What Are The Screening Options & Plans

LiteScreening: Credit Reports Only

$ 19.95

Credit Report

Online Application

Applicant Pays Fee

Comprehensive Screening: Credit, Criminal, & Eviction Reports

$ 39.95

Credit Report

Background Check

Eviction History

Online Application

Applicant Pays Fee

FreePlan: No Reports Included (Use Our Online Applications For Free)

$ 0

No reports included

Online Application

Free For Everyone